I am truly impressed and proud

I just have to say how impressed and proud I am of my husband. I have spent part of this past weekend and the last couple of days helping Dan get the new office ready. It amazes me how much he has gotten all done in such a short time and has managed to be on top and conduct everyday business (dealing with the daily problems and issues in the offices). Today he was told the furniture should be here next Wednesday – then 2 days to set up computers and phones…..move over file cabinets…etc., he is just bursting at the seams to get in and get business running. He has done an amazing job….from the paint colors, to the work done in the office (contractors, gc the job, decorating, cleanning,….etc). I just cannot express how proud I am of him……I am his biggest fan. I know everyone will love the whole presentation……the place looks great…..I am so excited to get in and Dan getting back to doing what he does best and loves to do, and he will not be stressed. Just a little longer.

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