Happy Hump Day

Thank god for the Happy in Happy Hump Day……because there is nothing happy about today. It is so ugly out…..grey, dreary and foggy, and the temperature is starting to drop again and it keeps raining on and off. I hate days like this…….makes me more depressed. I am definitely a sunny, warm, blue waters and island type of girl. I am always just so happy, in St Maarten…..Even when I am not feeling well there……just a great environment/world. I definitely would want to retire there, or lease live there 3-4 months out of the year at a time.

Just got off the phone with my mother……she was all upset. My father and her were driving into town when there car broke down and would not start back up…….which is not a good sign since they were planning to drive out here on Monday to visit us and help Kathleen. They do not know what is wrong with the car, besides the obvious, the car is just “old”. I was worried about them driving across the country, in the winter weather, their age – not fifty any more….and now this. As much as I want to see them and miss them…….I am/was so worried about them driving here and going back home. So now everything is in the air, whether they will come or not….and if they do…..I will be so worried/ a reck until they get here and get back. Another thing to worry about and stress about.

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