Let the sunshine in!!!

Finally the sun is back…..for how long? is the question….but it was nice to see and start the day.

Had a very nice dinner with friends last night at Nagoya……the food was great as always. Today is Jolanta’s birthday, so Dan and I got her a carrot cake and put aspargus on the cake to look like candles….tried to make it healthy….since she eats only healthy, gluten free or organic food. It was a big hit,,,,,,,everyone thought it was very clever.

Dan has a big recruiting meeting with Charlie and two agents looking to move over to our office……..Hopefully everything goes well, and they come over and Dan will be happy. He has been working so hard to build up the office……he is so good at what he does……I am so proud of him. It makes me so happy to see him doing what he enjoys doing what he likes and is great at.

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