Long Day

Well, no answers still, My doctor did call Dan and said he was waiting to hear from the technician for the reading of films…..being it is a special test taken and he specializes in reading test…(probably won’t get results back till Monday – what’s two more days of waiting). Feeling pretty crappy but had no time to rest or even feel bad….Had a very busy day – between Home Inspection and showing homes to a customer and getting back late….I am exhausted.(the both of us are)
Went to dinner for sushi, at favorite place Nagoya – then stopped by some friends to check on the progress of them renovating the home we sold them….it is coming along and will look beautiful when finished. It was really nice…..just sat by their pool and talked, laughed and Dan jumped into the pool with clothes on….stayed till dark…..was just really nice..they are great friends and truly deserve good things..love them alot. Both of us are extrememly exhausted. I hope to get a good nite sleep – another busy day tomorrow……Gotta go, my bed and pillow are calling my name.

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