Ground Hog Day

It’s like the movie Ground Hog Day/100 First Dates combined. Dan stopped the insulin pump yesterday to let my blood sugar levels rise higher to get me out of the pattern of having these lows,its what they would do in hospital. Late afternooon my sugar level was up to 400 head was pounding Dan said don’t take any insulin yet lets see it in an hour. He was still not out of bed all day his neck and back was still to much even with pain pills and muscle relaxers. i was on computer trying to let him sleep. Thats the last thing I remember. I wake up in bed with him up out of bed standing over me telling me to rest my eyes. I asked him what happened. It seems that he was asleep and the phone rang, it was Maria from the office seeing how we were doing. It must have woke Dan because he heard me talking on the phone and he relized by my speech that somthing was wrong,. He got himself out of bed and came in other room to check on me. He said I was having a low when he checked my sugar it was a 24……so without me taking insulin all day my sugar level dropped on its own from 400 to 24 in an hour. i guess he had to fight with me to check it and i refused to drink sugar and lay down. I felt so bad that he had to be out of bed in pain again. He was upset that if he didnt wake up i would have had another seizure. What was even worse was that even without being on insulin my sugar dropped so bad. So still not wearing the pump today and seeing if sugar levels will stay up high. Dan says in the movie ground hog day it has a happy ending to hang in there.

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