Monday, Monday

Well it is has been an interesting weekend…..that is of what  I remember.  Did get to go to the pool for a couple of hours on Saturday….. and then we left early to get cleaned up and meet my sister Erika for dinner.   We did something different, we went to Houlihans in Weehawken and ate outside.  It was really fun, besides the great company of my husband and sister; Emerson High School had a reunion for the Class of 1967 and up…….I got to see some people I have not seen in so many  years…….(some people from my class were there), talked for a little while and then we went to Hoboken for ice cream, sat outside and people watched.  It was different and fun. 

On Sunday, woke feeling so bad,  terrible stomach ache, felt just shitty like the weather……I was nervous all day – was having an issue with my sugar (what else is new) and had to get it under control before going to American Idol concert.    The concert was great, our seats were awesome and we had a great time (brought Aurora and her daughter) it was great!!!!!!  But then at the end of the show (thank god, I was going home) I had another bad low – had to drink 2-3 bottles of glucose and was pretty shaky on my feet……don’t remember to much from there.  Just glad I did not make a fool of myself in public or infront of Aurora and Melissa.

It is now Monday and I feel like I was hit by a bus,  at least I remember the concert and dinner with Dan and my sister.  In between that time, when I had the lows – I cannot remember what lead up to that time or much after……Thank god for Dan having my back – because who knows where or what would happen.  At least I did not hurt myself, Dan or anyone else……I hate that evil person that comes out under these low spells.

Very thankful that is rainy out…….just want to stay in bed and try to get my  brain back in some order – I HATE WASTING TIME TRYING TO REMEMBER AND RELIVE  THE PAST!!!!!  It truly sucks, especially for Dan,……what kind of wife am I, he  deserves  so much better……..I guess he can never say I am predictable or boring!!!!

Today is just dragging……..I am ready for Tuesday…..Hopefully, better!

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