A Great weekend – with Good Friends

This weekend was a great weekend,…..Saturday went to Good friends Chuck and Donna’s house, and spent the whole day by their pool, cooked out, laughed and just has a really nice time…..we don’t get to always  hang out.  But when we do, it is like we spoke the day before……I love them so much, just great friends.  
Then this morning we went to the pool and just hung out, made a nice fish dinner and eat outside…..going to take a walk and water neighbors flowers….then in for the night (maybe go food shopping depends).  Hopefully, I will get a good nights sleep to start a fresh and new week.   It would be nice not to have any sugar lows or highs….the ups and downs are really making me feel lousy and tired.   I am very irritiable.  Just not a happy camper…….I hope it gets better and rollercoaster stops.

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