Day with the girls (Dan too!)

So far so good…….the sun is still shining….My sister and nieces are coming up by me to go to the pool.   Just getting things inorder and making some lunch.   I have been looking forward to have them come up…..but the weather has been so crappy…..well it is making up for it now….so I am happy.    Plan on spending the day with them and Dan, then getting a bite to eat for dinner and then have an appointment to meet Dan’s clients up at the office.   Then I have to make meals for tomorrow…..Wednesday -   Going to Dan’s  parents……Hopefully it will be nice and we will do something different.   Maybe after we leave them, before heading home we will go to the boardwalk and pop a squat and people watch……we love to do that, we always have fun…….and there are lots of different people to watch.  We shall see……I just want to enjoy today, more anything – I have really been looking forward to seeing them.          I know they are looking forward to seeing Dan…..they love their uncle Dan (or as they would say  PEGGY ) so much!!!!!!

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