Rain, Rain, go away

It seems like all it has been doing is raining…..I feel like a soaking wet, frissy, grumpy head.   I can not stand the rain any more….you get wet, then go inside the office, house or store and BANG -  instantly you have chicken skin, goose bumps, and your teeth start to chatter…..you hair turns to a fro…..after spending all that time to have it look nice in the morning….,and you are grumpy because of all the above….and you would just like a nice moderate temperature , sunny day……..so if you choose to be wet, you can jump into the pool to do so and not worry if you are going to be struck by lighting……..So  there – I am done venting…..not that anyone cares what I think.  

Looking out the window…..it is getting ready to pour again….it looks like it is 7 pm outside (so dark- clouds are back),  Great I have an appointment to go to   with Dan – drop off flyers.  Then I have to finish off my chores, laundry, cleaning, etc…..going to work out again later….want to increase my sit-ups another 100,….(making it a mandatory 550 a day – yes!!!) Just wish the six pack abs would start showing…god knows I work hard to have them …I would love to go for a long walk if it ever stops raining.  We shall see!!!!

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