Longest day of the year

Well,  I am going to need the extra time that is for sure!!!LOL,      especially after yesterday…..It was not good.  About 3:30-4:00, I checked my sugar before going on an appointment with Dan…..and it was only a 23 ……I had no clue, didn’t even feel anything…..of  course nor do I remember anything leading up to that time, or parts of the appointment…. and I definitely feel very sick after…..quickly downing 2 bottles of glucose and a bottle of Snapple in a matter of 5 minutes is not fun and takes a toll on my stomach.   Anyway, that put me in a bad motion for the rest of the evening into this morning….my head and stomach are just killing me.  I pushed my-self to work-out….only did 200 sit ups on the ball, and 25 chair presses….I will do more tonite….I just want to feel better for my  afternoon appointment- I should say Dan’s afternoon appointment….I am just the shadow.   (I wish I could say I had a purpose – contributed to the household……was more independent….It scares me -But I am very lucky to have Dan and I am forever grateful). 

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