Dans Moms 85th Birthday

Today is Mom’s 85th Birthday, going down to South Jersey to spend the day with her, do errands and then take the (mom and dad) to dinner. I know Dan hates Wednesday/Thursdays because he knows how I hate going every week, and that he has no other choice but to take me. I wish he could go by himself, and I stay home, so he could spend quality time with them and not worry if I am upset or not…..but he won’t leave me. I tried to be quite and not express my upsetment…. Let him spend the whole time with her and putting the puzzle (they do puzzles) together. I was good.
Anyway got thru the day, until next week and it starts all over again…..planting, cleaning, shopping etc. He is a good son, just wish she knew how lucky she is to have him (sometimes not very nice….old age..it makes me mad). Anyway I love him more than life and hope he knows it.

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