Daily Archives: October 29, 2014

He is back completely…..Hurray!!!!!!

Sorry I missed the last couple of days…..but it has been crazy and I have been all over the place with my sugars, which in turn has effected my brain and thoughts. Yes I am scattered and a mess, nothing unusual lately. The good thing is I have my best friend and buddy back, I am tickled pink that he is feeling better than new.

Last night was a nice evening……Jenny came down to see Dan for his birthday, we went to our favorite place….Nagoyas. As usual we had a great dinner, we had great conversation, had a lot of catching up to do…..Jenny looked great. Dan was very happy…..He loves his girls. I came home after dinner, Jenny went home and I made the meals for today’s lunch and I watched some TV, and wait straight to bed.

I woke this morning, feeling like crap…(What else is new)…..did my usual morning routine…..Made Dan eggs and Bacon for breakfast, cleaned up, made bed, etc……worked out….showered and got ready to go into the office. We had to stop and get a cake for Henriett’s birthday (I cannot wait for this week to be over……cake every day this week, my ass is going to be the size of Texas if we have any more agents with Birthdays in October…..Thank God Friday is the last one for at least a week or so). A lot of running around today…..pick up commission checks for agents, get our costumes for Friday (yes Dan and I, and Ellie are dressing up)…….should be interesting and fun. I think a few other agents are going to dress up.

Went home and made a nice salmon dinner……..then I got a spurt of energy and decided to make cauliflower mash potatoes and stuffing for my stuffed peppers, and made lunch for the next day. I amaze myself sometimes…..all this energy at night and yet don’t even speak to me in the morning…..that is me(definitely not a morning person). I cleaned up the kitchen, by this time it was 10:15…….I finally sat down and watch the remaining of my Chicago PD….and went to bed.