Daily Archives: October 17, 2014

Set back

Just when I thought Dan was moving forward and feeling a little better…….this morning he had a set back. We woke to a beautiful and sunny day. We had breakfast and everything was good. Then when Dan went to take a shower, he got dizzy and became very unstable. He had a hard time moving about and getting ready, but he pushed himself, especially because I had a follow up appointment with the oral surgeon to check the recovery process. Dan did not feel well enough to drive so I drove to the doctors office and he stayed in the truck while I went in. My sugar was high,,,,380, so Dan felt comfortable to let me drive. I was in the office for less than 15 minutes, he checked me out and he gave me a clear bill of health. I proceeded back to the truck and proceeded to drive us to the Hillsdale office before going back to our office. Dan said I did not seem my self and had me pull over to check my sugar…..well in less than a I/2 hour my sugar dropped from 380 to 33……now this just made Dan frantic and more nervous…..immediately he had me drink glucose and change seats……he had to drive back to the office, he was very upset driving because he was dizzy and not feeling well. Dan, now was not feeling good at all. He had a recruiting appointment with an agent. He just wanted to get thru the appointment. I knew he was not feeling good at all but wouldn’t cancel that appointment. So much for moving forward and getting better. Hopefully he has the whole weekend to rest, he will get over this. I am so worried about him…….I just wish he would feel better.

Slight improvement

Slept a little later than usual……..Dan did not have a good night. He felt sick to his stomach and dizzy again. I felt horrible he was feeling so bad, especially on his birthday. I stayed up most of the night…..not feeling good myself and worrying about him. Between the two of us we are one big mess….. I am use to always feeling shitty, Dan on the other is never sick and he is not a good patient. (But then again what man is……..as my mother always says….Men are little boys when sick…..That is sooooo true!!!!).

After leaving the office we stopped by Nagoya to see our good friend Steve, he was so worried about Dan and wanted to see him and give a gift for his birthday. He was so happy to see us, of course he was not letting us leave without having dinner and happy the traditional birthday celebrate with music……Dan was so touched by the beautiful card Steve had picked out for him……I think this made his birthday complete and so special. We love Steve and Sandy, they are amazing people and truly good friends, we love them. Just great people.

I took Dan home and he went straight to bed. I prepared lunch for next day, while he watched the Jet game…..I think his blood pressure was crazy watching the game……he kept saying they can do it…….but they did not hear his confidence in them……They lost, but it was a good game, and he managed to stay up to the end. Dan was not a happy camper. But within 5 minutes after the game he was out cold. I hope tomorrow is a better day for him. I hate seeing him sick.