Daily Archives: September 18, 2014

Extremely sad and Heart broken!!!!!

Woke this morning, beautiful outside. We have a busy day head of us. We had to return the rent-a-car and had to go to a walk thru and a closing for our clients. In the middle of doing all this, Dan got a call from Pat (Pat and Jack our dearest friends)…..I knew by the look on Dan’s face, I knew it was not good. I could hear Pat’s voice in the back ground…..I could tell she was crying…..Jack had passed away last nite…..He had a massive heart attack from the Chemo treatments. My heart just dropped and I could not control my tears…….My heart instantly hurt for Pat and Dan…..Jack was like a second father to Dan. Dan was beside himself. I am so upset, I cannot find the words to express the lost I am feeling…..He was a great man, a good friend, a wonderful husband and father……a passionate and loving person. I know he is in a better place and his pain is finally over…..he always kept fighting and never complained…….But it does not make the ones he left behind feel better. Jack was my sickness and pain buddy…….we experienced so many similar issues together….It just sucks……I miss him terribly already. I know it was his time……but he was to young, only 67…….it just not fair…….we were going to have dinner with the two of them this Saturday. Jack was a big part of our lives…..He always looked out for us, like a father figure and a great man.

I have to go, I am having a hard time to seeing thru my tears……..we have lost another dear and good person in the last few months.

Positive, Positive, Positive

I woke this morning feeling a little better than the past few days……this makes me so happy…..finally some relief. It is not a lot, at lease I do not feel like vomiting….this is a positive and I will take it. It is going to be a good day, the sky is bright blue, the sun is out, just a few little cotton balls in the sky and about 70…….an ideal day. Went to office this morning with Dan….to find out phones and computers down….upper Bergen County was down….so it was extremely quite at the office for the first 3 hours of the day. It eventually came back on, and things were back to normal. We left the office early to attend the Sotheby’s function – Open house of the Pearl…..on the water. It was very nice, an absolutely beautiful night for it…….Hung out there, socialized with agents of the company, toured the units, had some food that was catered by the Market Basket…..a really nice event. Dan and I came home, and made my stuffed peppers for tomorrows dinner. I then made lunch for the next day, cleaned up, and got ready for bed……I was so tired and stomach was killing me……I went straight to bed.