Monthly Archives: September 2014

Sad and depressing day

A very dreary and sad day……it seems to fit the anniversary of 911. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I remembering being in such a panic, I was so worried about my sister Kathleen, she was in between the two towers…….I feared the worse, my life was suppose to start with Dan in 10 days, I was planning my wedding……I was so excited, when I heard the news my heart stopped. The hours of not knowing her well-being was a horrifying nightmare. Thankfully, she was okay and unharmed. I cannot imagine the pain those who lost a love one or family member endure every day… is just heart renching.

On a good note…..Today is my father’s 73rd birthday, he and my mother are both healthy and happy…..I thank the man above for the opportunity I have with them. They are my life and my heart, I’m so lucky and consider every day they are here is a blessing. I just wish they did not live so far away……there is not a day that goes by that I do not call them, just to say “I love You.”

It has been a tough day, reading all the sad stories, having conversation of the day, seeing pictures. But everyone needs to vent and share……but most of all never forget that we are Americans and we are strong.

Happy Hump Day!!!!!

Another sleepless night, I was up all night tossing and turning, my stomach was just killing me. I need just one night of complete sleep and no pain, or just a little less pain…I would take that right now. I am ready to jump out of my skin.
I cannot believe it is Wednesday already…..the days are just flying by.
I had a great 1 hour long conversation with an old and dear friend from High School this morning. It was so nice talking with her and catching up on each others lives……unfortunately our conversation was cut short because she was leaving to Arizona…..but we made plans and promised each other to have lunch together when she gets back from her trip. I am looking forward to seeing her, she is a beautiful person inside and out. She loves Dan, she thinks he is a great person and I am so lucky. Yes, she is right, I AM A VERY LUCKY GIRL AND LOVE HIM TO DEATH AND VERY GRATEFUL.
It is quite at the office today……I am just waiting for 3:00 so I can get my hair cut……I am so over do and definitely need it….make me normal again……have been looking like a wild woman lately.
I think tonight we are going to go food shopping…..I have stock the refrigerator with healthy foods, fresh fruits and vegetables…..back on strict diet……not much time before we leave for Saint Maarten…….I am counting the days. I cannot wait.
Making salmon and kale with butter, parmasion cheese, and cranberries (for me) and broccoli for Dan……quick and easy, but most of all healthy.

Back to work

I woke this morning feeling like shit…….such terrible stomach pains (as usually), but seemed to be worse than usual, most likely due to having the sub yesterday….I do not eat bread. I was up all night….even though I was so tired.
Did my usual morning chores…..except doing my work out, which really pissed me off……I just could not do it…my stomach was killing me, I just wanted to crawl back into bed and cry. But I pushed myself and barely got ready to go into office with Dan, I was ready by the time he was ready to go, which was a good thing.
I got my dads gift ready and mailed it out for his birthday on Thursday.
Dan has a council meeting tonight, so I have to rush home and make dinner. I plan on getting my work-out in while he is at the meeting… I do not feel like a complete waste product…..(better later than never), straighten up the house and get things ready for the next day. I hope to get a good nights sleep, in hopes to be in better shape tomorrow…I can only keep my figures crossed for the best and think positive thoughts.

Friday already????

I can not believe it is Friday already…….believe me, I am happy and not complaining. It just seems like the days are just going by so fast.

It is a beautiful day out…a little warmer than yesterday but nice. I am glad that I was able to get my workout in this morning before going into the office with Dan. I must continue this schedule/routine until we leave for St. Marrten….my goal is to lose 10-15 lbs….and build up muscle tone and definition to by body…..I have set a goal and I am determined to achieve it no matter what it takes. Just wish my stomach, head, and blood sugars would cooperate.

I had a bad sugar low this morning, but caught before it got real bad… but now I feel like shit….and again my thoughts are very scattered, just seems I am feeling scattered a lot, which really sucks. Not feeling myself, I hope this is a temporary thing and does not continue.

I have a lot of things to do this weekend, usual weekend chores, clean house, get cards and gift for my father’s, Lauren, and Bella’s birthdays, food for the tailgating party on Sunday, and Saturday is a whole day affair in South Jersey.

I cannot wait for the day to end….. I just want to go somewhere and hide……I just want to cry, I am in so much pain…….this sucks. I keep telling myself….SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP!

Terrible Thursday

Woke up this morning later the usual… other words, I woke up late….which was not a good way to start the day. Did not sleep well, my stomach was killing all night into the morning. It hurts so much it is giving me a headache…..just feel awful.

Manage to get ready to go into the office with Dan, a little slow but I did it. Headache is making it very hard for me to get my thoughts together (which is making it difficult to compete my thoughts to update blog….taking forever) and besides that my sugar has been so high, I feel like my heart is pounding out of my chest…….I am a total mess!!!!! Needless to say I just want the day to end……so I can go home and be a couch potatoe……yes, I am ready to give in. On that note…..I am signing off.

Back to Reality

Back to Reality……It is nice to be back home in my own bed and to my normal food, all that eating out just killed my stomach more than usual, but it did not stop me from enjoying the moment.

Although it is going to be a short week……..a lot of things going on. Following up with clients, nail appointments, massive food shopping (the refridge was very bare), mountains of laundry (I think we have extra people living with us)….and most of all planning/preparing for Sunday’s Jet game…….Dan and I are going to tailgate…..just the two of us…..excited to use Dan’s new toy…..THE GRILL!!!!!!! Looking forward to it, the weather is supposed to be beautiful. Another exciting adventure with my Buddy, I think we are planning on doing grilled chicken kabobs. I have to get back on my diet…..Saint Marrten is in November….time is just going to fly by….and I need all the time in the world to be suit worthy. Saturday looks like we are heading South again.

I just want to say, I am so glad that August is over it was a horrible month. September has to be better!!!!!!! The fall is coming, my favorite season……looking forward to positive things.

A great Labor Day weekend

I must say this was a great weekend, spent with my best friend and my rock. Dan decided to take me to Atlantic City for a long weekend. We went down on Saturday, left early to beat the shore traffic…….we were very lucky because we did not sit in any at all. We checked in at the Borgota , put stuff in the room and headed to the boardwalk to walk around and people watch. Dan and I love to sit on the boardwalk, catch some sun and watch the people walk by…..(very entertaining and scary at the same time….some very strange people in this world). We then took a final walk thru the Showboat before it’s closing. We return to the Borgota, where we played some slots…had some martinis..and laughed so much…. then called it a night, we had a really good time .

Next morning we woke up early and had room service…..bagels with salmon and lox… favorite ( of course I would be in pain the the rest of the day…..but it was worth it). We got our seats to lay by the pool…. where we soaked up the sun, the salt water breeze and just relaxed and enjoyed the day, there was no rush to be any where……we showered and got ready to have dinner at our favorite Asian/Japanese Restraurant there…..we had an absolutely great dinner, nice conversation and laughs (it is amazing that we are always together and never run out of things to talk about…..I just love our relationship)….we went to the casino….gambled won a $1000, and then we hit a progressive jackpot for $1500……just a great time and so exciting…..I never win, but with Dan, together as a Team, we are always winners….In more than one way, for me at least.

We also went to see the Revel before the doors closed…..such a shame…..a beautiful place…..but so big and a different group of people….very young crowd. I like the Borgota much better….but we saw and experienced it ….played and did not win. We then went back on the boardwalk and people watched for a little and got some sun….before going to the outlets to shop. Dan and I got sneakers…..I got a pair of black Converse……I AM JUST TO COOL!!!!!!

Monday, we ended the wonderful get away, taking care of serious and sad business…..we went back to Dan’s parents house to meet some people that were interested in buying some of his parents furniture…..Dan said it was his Labor Day Sale…buy one take/get many free….big clearance. We donated/gave pieces away to really nice people that really needed it…..which was rewarding. It was a difficult time for Dan, he was quite and not very talkative……which was understandable, but it broke my heart inside. But by the time we left, he was in a little better spirits knowing he did something good for people in need. Still a lot to do down there, now the nightmare of renovations and getting the house ready to put on market…..many more trips down to Toms River.

The whole weekend was just perfect…..even the ride back home was good….no traffic which was amazing. I just want to say thank you Dan for a great time…..I love spend every moment with you.