Daily Archives: April 15, 2013

Miserable Monday

Well, yes it is a miserable start to the week………I woke with the worse heache and stomach ache that I just want to cry. My hair actually hurts , it hurts to breath and speak. When I woke this morning, my hair looked like ringlets of curls, and wearing clothes that do not remember putting them on. I knew this was not a good thing…..and I was going to hear / and feel bad about what I did.
Dan told me the events that took place from 5:00 last nite on…….I had a very bad sugar low……I had problems breathing, speaking and drinking….I was sweating/soaking wet…..this went on from 5:00 til way after 12:00………yeap!
Need less to say……Dan was not happy with me or the whole situation……All I could say was I was sorry…….which I know Dan is tired of hearing……I know he hates me……and that I am a big burden….I do not mean to be…..I hate being me……..It sucks and wish things were different and I could just be normal….I hate me most of all.
I cleaned up the mess I made from the nite before…….and just proceeded to clean the wood floors and Kitchen floors from the Snapple that I spilled in my attempts to drink it; I got a short workout in……a shitty one…at least it was something …….I got dressed to go with Dan to office. I am here now and do not feel any better…..I wish I could crawl under a rock and die…….I really wish I was dead…..and I would not have to do this anymore…..It would be so much easier.
After leaving the office tonite, We have to go food shopping and then I have to make dinner and the meals for tomorrow…….I hope I can make it to end of the day,,,,,,really feeling so sick.

The weekend is here!!!!!

This weekend was a busy one. Dan and I got a lot accomplished.

Saturday –
Got up early to get a jump on things…..I made breakfast…a nice one at that (eggs and sauge…..Dan’s favorite). Cleaned up and started on my weekend chores while Dan ran to the office. I got ready to go with Dan on a listing appointment and made lunch before going on the appointment. After we finished the appointment we went to the office to check on things…..bad move. There was a leak under the sink….water all over, Dan had to clean it up and get a plumber to fix the broken pipe. We managed to bring my fur coat to the furrier, it was a nice day outside….especially for a ride there. From the Furrier we went to the Palisades Mall to look for new eyeglass frames for Dan…..we found a nice pair for Dan….they look real cool and different. We decided to wait for them to be made, we walked around, had dinner at the food court and decided to catch a movie to kill more time. We saw the movie GI-JOE REVENGE with Bruce Willis and the Rock…..it was okay….definitely not my favorite…..good eye candy for me was about it…….But Dan enjoyed it, and we had a nice evening.

Sunday – got up and it was sunny and warmer than the past view days……finished up the weekend chores, changing sheets,making beds, and folded all the laundry I did earlier. Had lunch and then went to meet with our past clients daughter…..in Society Hill, we gave her a price opinion. After that we decided to visit Aurora, since we were in the neighborhood. We sat outside and talked with her, enjoying the nice weather and then we decided to take her to the new office,,,,,and show her around….since she had not seen it….we basically kidnapped her (she was so worried the way she was dressed-because she was in sweats……she so funny)…..she loved the office, she thought Dan did a wonderful job.
After we returned her home we took 3 buckets back to storage…….Just have one bucket left to change over and put away…..and I am done…..this has to be a record.

After coming back from storage, it was already time to make dinner. And that is all I remember……….which was around 5:00. I do not know what happen from then on.

Cold again and rainy…..just ugly out!!!!

Well so much for waking up and feeling better, no such luck. It is cold and ugly out, seems like it is never going to stop raining. Just a terrible day all around.