Daily Archives: April 9, 2013

Another beautiful day!!!

Woke this morning feeling absolutely terrible, I did not sleep well, tossed all over…..I really just want to stay in bed. But I refuse to give into my little demon…..so I made breakfast, sent Dan on his way to work and did my work out….I wish it showed. I continued to get ready…..now the big question is what to wear…….I am so disorganized/ I cannot find anything…..I really need to get my closets organized…..I hate feeling so scattered and all over the place.

The good thing is it is another beautiful day…..sunny, slight breeze and in the 80′s. I have been spending a lot of time on the back porch and deck of the office…..enjoying the beautiful weather.
It is very quite at the office today……every one is out enjoying the weather. Hopefully the day will end quickly……so I can just go home. I want to make Salmon for dinner and eat outside….it is still nice and warm (I hope weather will allow by the time dinner is ready)….it will be nice. The first dinner outside, I love eating our meals outside on the deck. After I clean up….make meals for tomorrow….if there is still time; I would like to start walking…get some exercise and socialize with the neighbors.

Back to the grind

The fun is over and back to the grind. The weather is beautiful….sunny and the high 70′s…..just hope it continues. It is like summer, where did the spring go….I need the weeks of spring to get ready for pool season. I seriously need to lose weight before my body even thinks of putting a bathing suit on, let alone a pair of shorts. I am so disgusted with myself……and feeling like crap is just making things worse. I emptied one closet of the winter shirts and dresses…..still have a long way to go. I am going to do a little every morning and evening till I am done and organized…….God how I hate changing my clothes over…..it truly sucks!!!!!!