Daily Archives: April 8, 2013

Just Great Weekend!!!!!

This weekend was absolutely great!

It started:

Saturday – I woke up early to get a jump start on the things I wanted to get accomplished. I made breakfast for us and then cleaned up. I managed to get my work-out in despite my usual feeling shitty self…….I am not going to let it get the best of me. While Dan went to the office to get measurements of the upstairs windows and check on the office……I took my linen closet apart and showered. Then Dan came home, we had lunch and we were off to get my nails (manicure/pedicure) done. Three hours later…..I always come out of there so stressed….I thought it was suppose to be a relaxing thing…..not here!
Came home and made dinner, did laudry, put in dryer. After eating and cleaning up, Dan wanted to go to the mall to walk around and see a movie, he asked me on a date….I accepted. We went to see THE CALL with Halle Berry……it was great….ending was not what I expected. It was a great date and a nice day with my best friend.

Sunday – As usual woke up and made breakfast, cleaned up and started my weekend chores, fold and put away laundry, changed sheets and towels, straightened up,…..worked out and finally showered. Dan went to the office, he wanted to water down the office driveway, trying to alleviate the dust from the gravel. He came home and we had lunch. Then out of the blue he said “Come on let’s go for a ride…..I have a plan”…..of course he did not tell me where we were going. It was a pleasant surprise. We were going into the city……It was a perfect day for it….Sunny and not to cold. We went to the Meat district, down by the Lincoln tunnel by the new promenade. We always wanted to walk it…..and we are finally doing it….so excited – I just love being in the city,,,,,people watching and walking around….just so much to see and do. Dan and I walked the whole park…..it was great – cannot wait till it is warmer and is open with the vendors…….a little to chilly….but lots of people. It was great looking at the landscaping (will be beautiful when in bloom), the buildings – being able to look into the windows – seeing how the rich/wealthy live………it was just great. We continued to walk around…..people watching…..we stopped at an eatery and ate outside. We had margaitas and Mexican food….great conversation……it was a great date, I cannot wait till it gets warmer and we can do it more. It was a perfect date with my best friend in the world. I love spending time with Dan like this……We always have fun….Dan always makes things fun and exciting…….I just love him to death…..my buddy.

Finally got home, and the both of us were exhausted….from all the fresh air and walking. The days go by so fast,,,,before I knew it – it was time to make the meals for the next day and go to bed……..I am gonna sleep like a rock.