Daily Archives: April 1, 2013

Monday, Monday

I cannot believe it is Monday again. Woke this morning still suffering with the side effects of eating late last night…….I really feel like shit. I got my work-out in, inhopes of it making me feel a little better…..not to successful so far. I feel like my head and stomach are about to explode. I just wish I could get a break…….and just feel good/normal, or at close to normal as possible.

I am hoping to attempt to start on changing my clothes……….we will see how far I get. I also want to try working out twice a day – morning and evening. My goal is to lose 15 lbs. by Memorial Day……I am on a mission……I just have to do it……I am so disgusted with myself.

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend came and went so quickly, it was a busy, but a nice weekend.

Saturday, we finally got the opportunity to sleep until 8:00, which was late for us, it was absolutely so nice to sleep late for a change. Spent most of the morning straightening up and then started to get errands done. Dan and I went shopping for furniture, a stand for the magazine rack at the front entrance of the office……went to a couple of stores and found the perfect stand. Put it together and set it up at the office.

Dan and I also got my spring/summer clothes out of storage, I am trying to get a jump start. Of course now that I did this……it will remain cold for another couple of weeks……it figures.
I enjoy the weekends with Dan……..our time, no schedules and time frame…..We spent the rest of the time walking around the mall…..we caught an early movie, we saw Admissions – it was a great movie…..it was a great date dayfruit. We then came home……I baked a cake for easter to bring to Dan’s sisters house……went to bed early, my stomach was just killing me and my sugars were allover the place……Had Chinese food at the mall, which I was paying the price for……I mean dearly paying for.

EASTER SUNDAY!!!! We got up early, I made a nice Easter Sunday breakfast….eggs and sauge. I cleaned up and got ready for our trip to Dan’s Sisters. First we went to North Salem to pick up Jenny and then to Trumbull, Ct…….it was a nice ride, not much traffic which was good……it gave us chance to catch up with Jenny and what is going on her life.

We got there around 12:30…..12:35 to be exactly…..shortly after we sat down and had a wonderful brunch……there was so much to eat from bagels, eggs, french toast, fruit, hash browns, muffins, salads, etc……
We played the traditional egg cracking contest, Dan and I both lost…..Karen won; we rubbed off lottery tickets….I won a dollar……..and we just sat around the table talking and laughing. It was nice just hanging around …….then we had dessert……my cake was a hit, especially amongst Daniel….he loves peeps….He was in his glory….also felt the side effects of all the sugar.

Shortly after we left to take Jenny back home and back to NJ. Thank god there was no traffic and the weather managed to hold out from raining till we got home. We stopped by the office, and then went to the dinner for a little bit to eat; of course this killed my stomach….I just cannot eat so late. I was so good, I did not even have any sugar…..so much for trying. I came home, made the meals for Monday and was so tired and ready for bed……Do not even remember my hitting the pillow…..I was out, I do not remember watching my favorite show on Sundays…”The Good Wife”.