Daily Archives: July 15, 2011

TGIF – Beautiful Day

Woke this  morning feeling my usual – just have a real bad stomach ache…..went to dinner with my sister and nieces…..I had some bread with dinner….Will never do that again – my stomach is killing me.   Anyway, no pain – not living, sad but true.  I am alive…..lovely.

I  already worked out, did laundry, and straighten up….. Dan and I have some running around to do.  I plan on making a nice fish dinner……maybe grill some Salmon.  Then just relax and go for a walk afterwards.   Hope the weather is nice, so we can go to the pool tomorrow.   Continue a nice weekend……It was a great start    with spending the day with my nieces and sister,…..all day at the pool, nice dinner and lots of laughs over ice cream…..it was just a great day…..Thank you, Dan – you are a great Husband and a wonderful uncle and brother-in-law.