Monthly Archives: July 2011

Just enjoying the past few days

Sorry I have not written, but I just have been enjoying every minute of the past few days and had a great 4th of July weekend.   Despite the sugar lows and the terrible side effects….I have pushed myself to enjoy the great weather and the time with  Dan, my sister and my nieces.

Dan and I had a surprise 60th  Birthday party to go to for a very special and dear friend.  It was a great time and she was so surprised.

Then the rest of the weekend,   I spent with my sister and her two girls, it was so nice……even on the rainy day…..went to the mall – walked all over, grabbed a bite, had such good conversation, laughed, went to the pool, ate  outdoors, got ice cream (so glad to eat good again – back to strick  diet)……it was just great.  The girls have gotten so grown up and are just really great girls…..Kudos to you Erika, you have done a great job!!!!!

Spoke with Kathleen, unfortunately she and her family and my parents were missing…..she had prior comments and my parents so far away….that would made everything complete……but this was great and made me so happy.  Dan made me smile and was so good to me (he always is – but he was the icing this time!!!!!  Thank you baby).

It is a beautiful day out, and back to the grind……Have to run errqnds with Dan and then get ready for tomorrow…..Dan’s parents…..maybe we might take a walk along boardwork.,  when we leave them …we will see!

My sugar is a little off today – High, probably absorbing all the shit I ate the last few days……so I feel like crap – but enjoyed everything and is well worth it……..POSITIVE THINKING.   I worked out hard this morning and will work out again tonite (harder…..can’t let the ice cream and cake find my thighs and land).  Well for now…..Have a great Day and enjoy!!!!