Daily Archives: June 21, 2011

Longest day of the year

Well,  I am going to need the extra time that is for sure!!!LOL,      especially after yesterday…..It was not good.  About 3:30-4:00, I checked my sugar before going on an appointment with Dan…..and it was only a 23 ……I had no clue, didn’t even feel anything…..of  course nor do I remember anything leading up to that time, or parts of the appointment…. and I definitely feel very sick after…..quickly downing 2 bottles of glucose and a bottle of Snapple in a matter of 5 minutes is not fun and takes a toll on my stomach.   Anyway, that put me in a bad motion for the rest of the evening into this morning….my head and stomach are just killing me.  I pushed my-self to work-out….only did 200 sit ups on the ball, and 25 chair presses….I will do more tonite….I just want to feel better for my  afternoon appointment- I should say Dan’s afternoon appointment….I am just the shadow.   (I wish I could say I had a purpose – contributed to the household……was more independent….It scares me -But I am very lucky to have Dan and I am forever grateful). 

Father’s Day – a big success

Well I have been busy running around the last couple of days,,,,,,,just seems like the days are flying by.  No seizures, but lost of lows and highs…..my digestive system is so messed up…makes it impossible for me to be stable….therefore makes me moody and miserable.  But what else is new….I am still waiting for that one time/day everything is normal….that is a laugh.

Father’s Day was very nice…. It started with me making Dan a big breakfast ;eggs, bacon, english muffins, yogurt, fruit the works…  outside on the deck…..then  we sat  outside and sunned ourselves and had lunch on the deck (my deck is so pretty – it is like a little paradise – Dan did a really great job this year).  Then we got ready to go to CT to our nieces birthday/graduation party….Dan was really happy to see his Sister and family, and see his Daughters.  They gave him a great bracelet he wanted —-bracelet of skulls it was really cool.  We stayed for about 4hrs and then headed home…..All around it was a nice day for him – plus he got his Sushi dinner with me the nite before…..He was very happy and I am glad – He truly deserves the best….He his a good man, a great father and son.

I spoke with my Dad…..that was the only thing that made me sad.  I wish he lived closer and that I could have spent some time with him….I miss him and my mother so much.  But they are where they want to be…..and they are in my heart and thoughts every moment.  I just miss them….anyway- today we have alot of running around to do- the weather seems to be questionable.. maybe we might go to the pool while it is quiet if nice…..playing by ear.