Daily Archives: June 9, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

The last two days have been miserable hot.  Had to go into the city the other day for a follow-up check up.  They took blood as usual, and now are testing for too much iron in my liver…..anything else.  I have been pretty good for the last couple of days…a few sugar lows but nothing major – except for today.   Apparently I had a major sugar low….did not know I was having one, I collapsed into my bed and Dan had to have me drink 3 bottles of sugar and a bottle of snapple to get my sugar up. He had to go on an appointment……left me sleeping….Don’t remember anything…..Did not know I even had a problem.  He came back from the appointment,,,,,I was making dinner and surprised  that I had a problem when he asked me how I felt.   Yes, lost about 2 hours……but managed to pull myself together for our evening appt.

It was raining really bad…..hopefully it will be nice tomorrow and not as hot…..maybe we can go to pool after running errands.  I wanted to work-out tonite but just feeling a little shaky and sick to my stomach……hopefully no more surprises tonite, I will get a good nights sleep and try again tomorrow.   Going to bed early.  Well good night, until tomorrow.