Daily Archives: June 6, 2011

Monday, Monday

Rough nites sleep……was not feeling so great, just could not fall asleep.  But today is a new day, and the beginning to a new week.  I have lots to do…..I have a big doctors appointment in the city tomorrow…..god only knows how long that will be and what they will have to say. 

I usually  love being  in the city, just not for doctors……lately, I am afraid when  I go in and my fear is  never come out…..Last few times, my stay has been days in hospital.   We have to be there early…..the good thing is Dan always makes it fun, we walk around and window shop and most of all- the best thing is people watch…Dan and I always have fun doing that……we are quite creative with the stories we tell each other – something to look forward to.

Hope fully we will get all our errands done…..and possibly get to go to pool for a little while…..work on my pale body, yesterday was a bad pool day.  I already worked out, straighten up and am ready to go.  I am not letting this miserable headache  put a damper on my day……Positive attitude……P O S I T I V E  thoughts…..yes, nothing negative…..not even feeling sick (should be used to that…nothing new).

I am loving my nails…..the color is really a pretty lavender….Called the Bell of the Ball……it will look even nicer when I have more color.  Dan took me to get them done yesterday (it was like almost 4.5  weeks…..really needed it)…He is such a great man…he waits in the car/walks around while I have them done….What man does that!!!!!  Yes I am one very lucky girl….and he never complains.. actually he reminds me to go.  Thank you baby!!!! Love ya