Daily Archives: May 22, 2011

False alarm

Now that was a joke – major false alarm , the world is still around and nothing has changed…….yes I am still in hell.   Oops!   I am not suppose to say that, I am suppose to be positive…..sorry about that. 

I am starting to get use to the pump and having it hang from my side.  Just wish the sugar lows would lessen or stop…..but I guess I can not complain for I have not had any major seizures, which is good.

Went to see the girls Saturday – went to our favorite cafe and had dinner……It was nice to see them, the little boys (the puppies) and have conversation and catch up.  At least if the  world was going to end …..we would be together.  

Woke this morning with a slamming headache……hurts so bad my neck and back are killing me everytime I move.  I must have slept wrong.  It is still rainy out……this weather is just crazy.  Hopefully, it rains all it wants now and is nice for Memorial Day weekend.   

 Did an Open House with Dan today – had a great turn out – that is one good thing about bad weather – people are not doing yard work.  Came home and made dinner, ate, going to work out before watching the finale of the Apprentice.    It seems like the days are just flying by…especially when they seem so much shorter (when I have sugar lows and lose periods of time). 

Oh well, it looks like I have plenty of time ….to do things, since the world is still around.  Something to look forward to…Happy, Happy, must think POSITIVE.   Gotta go work out before my show comes on …talk to you tomorrow.

Good news – Bad news

Well the good news is (trying to be positive / still working on it) is that I have not had any major seizures.  Lots of sugar lows, but they have been detectable and I have managed to prevent from being a full blown seizure…..now if I could control the memory loss and disorientation (one thing at a time – right).

Now for the bad news……I have to send the pump back….Major malfunction- so the company is sending me out a new pump (which is a good thing) the bad thing is now I have to  reprogram it all over again.  It is always something……but I am happy to get a totally new pump.  without any charge – due to the fact it is still under warranty…..Thank god for that…..there is a god..