Daily Archives: April 10, 2011

Another Sunday goes by

Well, this weekend started off okay, yesterday was absolutely beautiful out, a definite tease for the weather – sunny and warm.  So Dan and I started I spring cleaning,,,,,we had lunch on the deck.  We then decided to take a break from cleaning and brought my coat to the furrier in Northvale –  took a nice ride – it was so nice out.  I came home made dinner and we ate outside (I love eating out there – Dan always make it look so beautiful for me – I just hope we will still have it to enjoy the way things are going).  I cleaned up and then took a ride with Dan to Home Depot to get a drill bit for making a hole in one of our big cermaic pots (cobalt blue/real pretty) for proper water drainage.  

And from that point on, well I have been spending  all of Sunday  morning to afternoon trying to remember what happened next.  I had a bad sugar low and can’t remember anything……I just feel the after affects……a slamming headache, my muscles hurt and my   belly is absolutely killing me.   My plans for continuing my spring cleaning have been altered and I just feel horrible not being able to remember.   I look at Dan and he says not to worry, I was not to much trouble…..but I know he is not telling the truth, he looks tired and worried……he has so much on his plate and I just make matters worse.  I just wish I could find a hole and stay there – this way I can not make things worse. 

 Dan keeps saying we have to go into the city for the pump and get it started……I keep saying no – what is the point we can’t afford it and I don’t want to make our financial situation worse……god knows we are struggling and at the rock bottom….next is  have nothing.

The only good thing is we have each other…..for me at least.  He would be better without me – it would be easier.  But he makes me laugh and want to be there for him, as has for me……I wish  I could make things better – even a little.  So another Sunday goes by and a new week starts,  may be someone will hear my  prayers and my dreams of winning the lottery – does not have to be much,- will be answered and I can give back. LOL

  And Dan I just want to tell you, if I have not already……..I LOVE YOU SO MUCH…..THANK YOU …. I AM SO SORRY FOR BEING A BURDEN!