Daily Archives: April 3, 2011

Quiet and peaceful weekend

It has been a very quiet and peaceful weekend so far. Saturday I had a one major sugar low – Dan did not catch on – I caught it myself – 27 (that was scary – no signs just a bad headache and when I checked = it was a 27). Went with Dan to office – he had floor time, so I sat with him and then went to get ingridents for making home made chicken soup…..Dan made it I helped. Soup is not a favorite food of mine – so my skills are very limited- I watched and learned (will try next time) and then we watched a movie….in between doing my usual chores. Wish the headache would go away from the sugar low…..have a busy day tomorrow – have to go with Dan to show houses in Emerson and run errands.

Well the 4 Alleves did not help – I think it made my head hurt more……my head is pounding, so bad that my hair hurts when it moves.  After we show clients the houses we are going to see about getting my nails done – very, very over due and then come home and make dinner. I think it is going to be chicken tacos and then I want to go for a walk – get started on a schedule to walk at night- now that it is lighter later……Pretty quiet, but always in good company. I just feel bad that Dan has to wait for me to have nails done – wish I could go alone….just sucks that I am such a ball and chain and he is stuck with me, I guess it is okay for him (as it is for me – he is my best girl friend….always make me laugh) providing I am in a good state, no seizures and I  remember what  went on during that time…..then       everything is good.  

I just    he truly knew how much I love him and how I appreciate all he does for me…..he  is a great husband and exceptional man.  I thank God all the time  – he is my rock, my life and reason for waking up……so if I did not say it yet, and you read this  “Dan I love you and thank you for always being there  for you…..I just wish I could do the same for you.”

Well going to clean up after dinner -may take a  quick walk , (I may  wimp out tonight – it is cold out there) make some calls to my sisters and parents,   and then just relax and watch TV –    watch Meatloaf have a meltdown on the Apprentice (sad   but true no life) , get ready for tomorrows events.   Good night!