Daily Archives: January 21, 2011

Another bad night

Yes, another bad night……Dan said this was bad and yet different. He said  I had problems breathing, spasming all over, sweating, but the difference was I was not responsive and was unable to walk or move. Usually, I will ramble and talk about things, but this time after falling and him picking me up and placing me on the bed. I was absolutely silent, he had to keep checking to see if I was breathing…..(he said it scared him) and he really got scared when I said could not walk or feel my legs as he was rubbing them ( he got really nervous – thought maybe I hurt something when I feel) this lasted for long time. Dan said it was different….All I know is that every nerve, muscle and bone hurts…and my head feels like it is going to explode. I had to get up real early this morning because the painters were coming to do some touch up work,,,so sleeping a little late was not an option.   I am so exhausted and hoping for a good nite sleep. Dan looks like he needs it too. If anyone upstairs is listening….please let us have a quite night and start the weekend on good start.  Have lots to do this weekend, and looking forward to watching the JET  GAME.