Daily Archives: January 2, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

The bad thing about the holidays is the long process of preparation and then it seems to fly by….And that is exactly what happen. I can honestly say I had a great holiday with my parents, I enoyed every minute, and all the time I had got to spend with my daughters, neices and nephew, sisters, and brother-in -law. I just wish it was totally perfect….(and I did not have lapses of memory due to lows and seizures).which I know that would be totally impossible, I just wish there were no hurt feelings and issues.  I know that I truly tried and just hope that things with time will be resolved. I am looking forward to a fresh start and the new year, but I just want the main things first…..for my parents to have a safe trip home, and most of all for Dan to feel better (because without him, I would be lost and  would not want to continue). It is killing me inside to see him feeling so miserable…Eventhough he tries to act like everything is okay…He is not the same and I would do anything and everything to have him back to himself.
I am very sad, and wish my parents did not have to leave, I am going to miss them so much……Tonite will be there last night here, so we are going to dinner,  Erika, Maya and Bella  (I wish it would be a big family dinner, but unfortunately it will be missing my sister Kathleen and Marcos, and the twins….their choice, which makes me sad for my parents…..I know it is killing my parents inside….So we will try to make the best of it).  I tred the good-bye process, I always cry for hours after…..I am starting to get teary eyed now…gotta stop…..I just want to thank them for being my parents and thank Dan, for pushing to live for this time with them and with him…..I look forward to the future and rest of these loving, stressful and memorable  family holidays……(I will take all the bad to have the memories I have been given.,)  Once again, thank you Baby!!!