Daily Archives: November 13, 2010

Starting to get excited

Exactly 5 days and I will be off to the islands and will be so happy. Just can’t wait to leave….I have been so busy- sorry I have not written.
Well, Dan’s dad is finally home and is coming along slowly….but doing good considering the man is going to be 88 years old….I am still trying to pack, I hate packing- I never know what to bring and then wind up bring too much……But I will gone for 16 days…I like to have a variety. ( I made a promise to my-self not to bring alot…never where it all, hopefully this year I will keep to the plan).
I have been trying to nurse Dan back, I feel awful for him, he is in alot of pain – he hurt is neck – got a pinched nerve and is in extreme pain – yes it is my fault – he hurt himself when helping me thru a bad seizure…..I am just beside myself, He has been taking steriods to reduce swelling, pain pills, going to chriroprater,,,,,nothing is helping. He is just laying in bed not to put pressure on his neck or back…..I hope the steriods help….It would really suck for him – if he has to travel in this pain……I am so sorry Dan for being such a pain in the neck (no pun intended).
Ran some errands, going to make dinner and hopefully finish packing….I know I have time but the way my life is….something always comes up and I will running around like a mad man – nothing unusal but it would be nice to start my vacation less stressed…about luggage, clothes, etc…..Keep you posted.