Daily Archives: November 5, 2010

Spoke to soon

Well, just when everything was going good and Dan’s dad was getting ready to go home……the phone rings.  It is his mom all upset, the doctor saw Dan’s dad, and is not going to release him, his heart beat was irregular….beating way to fast, the doctor wants to check him out and keep an eye on him (more money -$$), maybe the man got excited he was going home and getting the hell out of there.  But anyway, we spoke to soon…….now we have to  wait for another day or so  before the man go home….at least they are feeding him.  Life sucks…..besides all this I had a real bad night (which you could probably  tell by my grammar in last nights blog),,,,whereupon, Dan hurt his neck taking care of me….off to the chiroprator…….We are all messed up.