Daily Archives: November 4, 2010

Day from Hell

Yes the last 2 days from Hell, starting with Tuesday evening. Dan gets a call from his mother, Dan’s dad is not feeling good, weak, bleeding from his butt,  we call his doctor and says to get him to the hospital right away. So now we have to get his dad  to go to the hospital, orchestra the neighbors to drive his mom/follow the ambulance. Spent all night with mom on the phone and doctors. So now Wednesday morning first thing, Dan and I  headed down south to the hospital, and spent the whole day there, waiting for the father to be tested….which never happen….the doctors never saw him…..not that he could have bleed to death…they really suck…they have an old man/no where to go, on medicare/milk the system for a bill, schedule the testing for Thursday, so much for rush the father to emergency room, get everyone upset and in turmoil….Well, sat with the Dad, got him to relax…..Drove mom home from the hospital……Got her situated home for the evening……And drove home with no answers…. Sometimes I think the medical system really sucks…..they have no compassion. Well, it is now Thursday….at 5:30 pm…..48 plus hours later…we finally find out, the father had 2 growths, one which had been lacerated and needed to be removed and biopsied and now have to wait for the results on that…..but nothing that was so life-threatening…….for now. At least the
Dad will be able to go home tomorrow, he is happy…..just very hungry and tired. Dan feels better knowing that that his his Dad is in better conditiion and will be able to go home tomorrow.