Daily Archives: August 12, 2010

I’m Excited!

The big day is finally here, I am so excited….I just wish I felt better….but I am not going to let my every day aches and pains stop me from getting my tattoo. I have always wanted this type and it is even more special because Dan designed it for me and it is one of a kind….And we are each getting one at the same time. I am a little nervous, but I love the work of the artist – Gary, and I love the place Shotsies in Wayne…..Just really great people.

I hope I can get through the entire night without any lows or seizures….that would be a complete disaster for both Dan and myself.

I love it……Thank you Dan for capturing what I wanted in your creation and Thanks Gary for doing a great job…..Can’t wait to it is all healed…..Love it. Actually the pain, made me forget the usual pain I have everyday….even if it was for a little time. Next is a good nights sleep and it will have been a almost perfect day…..I shouldn’t say that,….It was perfect…just being with the man I love and doing such big thing as getting inked together.