Daily Archives: August 1, 2010

Bad Week! Not In Good Mood

Sorry I have not been blogging,,,,,just had a bad couple of days and another bad night and morning…..Figures it is beautiful out and perfect pool weather, and I am a mess. I feel like I have been ran over several times and stabbed repeatedly in the head and stomach. This really s&@*ks….I just wanted to go to the pool. We have so many things we were suppose to do, go to a birthday party, shop, visit family and where are we going no where…..I am sitting here, having a hard enough time getting my thoughts together to blog…..but I guess the good thing is I am still here to talk about it….wonderful. I feel bad for poor Dan. He has no sleep the last few nights and is stuck with me….Well now that I vented, I think I am going to lay down, maybe I will feel a little bit better, to get outside for a bit and feel the sun on my skin. Just wanted to let everyone know I am unfortunately alive.