Daily Archives: July 20, 2010

I Must Smile

Did not sleep well, (no seizures for a change, just had a terrible stomach ache and could not get comfortable no matter how I tried.) It is sunny and warm out, another hot one…pushed myself to get ready today, had alot of things to do….since tomorrow is Wednesay and nothing here gets done. Had to go with Dan on appointments to show client homes in Ridgewood and Wyckoff, and get things together for Wednesdays listing/rental appointment.
I am exhausted, I just got done making the meals for tomorrow/Dan’s parents and tried to exercise a little….bad headache and belly ache….what else is new….The specialist called have to call him tomorrow…probably wants to discuss blood test,,,and what the next group of test are going to be…always something to look forward to. I wish could go to sleep, and wake up Thursday, morning refreshed and relaxed, and with a positive outlook…(I try everyweek, to get thru Happy Hump Day with a smile, and it just never happens, I just feel sad and upset….I always come out at the end of day as Mrs. Grumpy….I hate when I feel/am that way….But who knows maybe this time it will be different…..can only hope).