Daily Archives: July 8, 2010


Well, the minute I opened my eyes, I knew the day was going to be bad. My head felt like I had been hit with a sledge hammer and my stomach been ripped out, along with every muscle in my body hurt, even the hair on my arms. I was sleeping sideways (horizontal, was not dressed and with the comfort from living room on me) and Dan was at the other end in different direction. I was afraid to ask……the first words from my mouth was “I am sorry, and what happened?”, I already knew, what I was about to hear was not good, and sure enough I was right. I had a bad seizure late in the night that lasted to early morning….I could barely move. I was so upset and mad….I was doing well (no major seizures….lots of lows, but not this bad) and of course I have to have one just before going to the doctors – the doctor I had to wait and beg to get an appointment to see. Of course I did not go/had to cancel….I was worse than slow motion, could barely stand for several hours…..I ruined everything….Even the meeting Dan had in the city with his partners. I feel like such a waste product…and I ruined Dan’s plans to….I am just so mad. Now I have to wait till the doctor has another opening.
So the rest of the day was miserable, I just could not get rid of the pain….Dan and I took a nap (we both were exhausted – I feel bad for Dan) and just stayed home (not that it was bad….escaped the heat), just can’t wait to go to bed and I have no surprises…please just someone give me a break. Dan, I am sorry one more time, thank you for loving me so much to put up with this