Daily Archives: June 24, 2010

Hot & Horrible Thursday

Woke up to a beautiful sunny morning, very warm, and expected to get hotter and hazey….hopefully it will be breezey down by Dan’s parents. This way I can sit outside and enjoy the weather and get some color. Hope my stomach gets better, I hate being uncomfortable and not having my own bathroom….I am always get myself nervous and all worked up.
I am watching Dan working with his dad outside doing yard work….it is so sad and yet so sweet….he really loves his dad, it is nice to see a smile on his face. He cherrishes every moment with him. He is a good son, never says no to his parents and does everything for them…..would you expect anthing else from Dan….he’s just a all-around great guy….and I am lucky he is mine.!!!!
Going to play a game Dominos (yes,fun) and then eat dinner and head home……hopefully I will make it home with out losing it……
my stomach is killing me and head is ready to explode, between the heat, sugar, and anxiety…..bad combo.