Daily Archives: June 10, 2010


Well, the day did not start off that well. I woke in different clothes that was the first sign of a bad nite, and then as I lifted my head off the pillow, the slamming headache and the empty bottle of Snapple and pile of of clothes by the night stand was just confirmation. Apparently, I had a bad sugar low again….and I was feeling miserable. Dan decided to let me sleep and called his mom to let her know I was sick and we were not coming down….I felt bad and said I would go, I would have pushed myself as I have in the past, but Dan said no….truthly I was glad, I really felt bad, and as the day went by it didn’t get better. I rested most of the day, sat on the deck for a little while, and then got myself together to run around with Dan. I felt like I was in slow motion, and was very upset, about not remembering what happened the night before. I was feeling quite depressed and frustrated.

Then Dan came into the room, and told me that my doctor called…..my heart stopped for minute…..it was like Dan was speaking in slow motion….it was somewhat good news. The doctor said that the tumor on my breast appears to be beneign and want to keep a close eye on it, for any changes in growth or pain.
Well, finally some good news. Now on to the next problem/situation…heart, kidneys, sugars, etc…..I know, I will never be normal and I will always issues….but good news is good news no matter how small it is….I will take anything. I can tell Dan was also relieved….It was funny we both looked at each other smiled at each other, hugged and said “OKAY, NEXT!!!”
He does not realize how is Hug ment so much and made me feel so good and safe….I just to say I love him so much and makes my horrible journey of health,,,,so much more tolerable. He is the reason I keep going on and hang in there. So I guess a not so great feeling day, turned out to be great….thank you!!!