Daily Archives: March 26, 2010

Good Day For Dan

I am so upset that I could not stay last night,,,,I hate my stomach. Dan went back to the council meeting and apparently stirred the pot when he got to ask the council to not take benefits ( he is so passionate about people taking advantage of somthing they don’t deserve). I am so happy things went well and he feels good about everything today….He truly deserves it, he is so passionate about this election.
We are going to put more signs out and run errands…..just hope I can keep up with him….my stomach is killing me, tried to exercise….will do the ball later….I did the ab flyer to get me motivated. Actually, I don’t know which hurts more…..my head or stomach….but either way I got alot to do, and don’t want to rain on Dan’s sunny day…..talk to you later.