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Home sweet home

Yes, I broke out yesterday…….by the time I got meds and home, just went to bed……I am so happy to be home……I feel horrible and my sugars are still not stable…..very high, I am now taking about 25 times more of insulin with another 10-15 units of another type of insulin, combined. They/ Dan especially is worried about the damage it is doing and afraid of my body dehydrating…..but I am just so much happier feeling like shit at home…I just have to say  Dan is wonderful and loving husband…..I don’t know how I could do this without him…….I am so lucky to have him and wonderful friends who care and love us both…..Thank you,  I will be posting  more , just have a slamming headache, and wanted to let everyone – thank you again for all your love and good wishes and most of all —-I AM HOME!!!!!!

Breaking Out!

Whether I get approval or not, I am out of here…..I am signing myself out.  I am so upset…..I thought I was going home today, but my sugars are still all over and the doctors wanted me to go back and try original meds…….so Dan ran home got my medicine and then raced all the way back….to find out that they decided not to use the meds Dan ran home for. ….which really sucked..(the only good thing was Dan was able to shower, he got me clean clothes and he was able to get his  blood pressure meds). That is the good thing.  Going to try new dosage tonite…..and hopefully it will be okay and not cuase more problems.  I feel miserable, since my sugars being all over, causing me to be dehydrated, and them flushing liquids into system, which in turn caused 4 of my veins to blow, (I am so sore ,swollen, and black and blue)…but most of all I feel horrible for Dan, he has not slept, feels miserable/cold, and the two of us are just stressed, It is just not pretty.

To All

 I want to thank:Suzy,Joanne,Donna & Andy, Jane, Donna & Chuck,Jessie & Kim, Aurora, Jackie, Rita, Ryia, Jeannie, Margret.Judy & Jerry, Terri, Doreen,Robyn and all the friends and followers of my journey and facebook friends that I might have not mentioned because of my brain has been lossing cells this week.  Dan reads to me everyday what you all have written. The past 24 hours have been the worst and I’m going to check myself out of here tommorrow. I feel worse then when I got here. Tommorrow I will write an update of whats been going on….just don’t have the eyes and fingers to do it tonight. Check back later

Hospital update

My sugars are to low and thats the problem why Im here and have seizures but now they are too hi and I am starting to get DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) which is dangerous if it isn’t corrected, so they are pumping fluids through my kidneys now to flush them. Getting a brain MRI this afternoon/night….Might be getting a special type of  pneumonia that you get from throwing up in your lungs when I seized…its like a drug overdose… pneumonia …..they will see later if it gets worse (it takes a few days to see it develope) luckly right now it  is just coughing  and burning now…….the mass in  breast…is calcium and needs to be watched but not cancer now…..they are talking about trying a new type of pump for insulin bu if insurance doesn’t cover it we can’t try it….that’s  my update.  Just want to go home.

Time off – update

Hello there, I took some time off, and just wanted to give an update. Health wise, everything is pretty much the same, still feel like crap (nothing new) and my sugars are all over,,,,,,I took time off because I just did not want to discuss me and my health anymore…..I am in a rut, and having a hard time getting out….not that this weather is helping…..just want to  stay in bed all day. I hate the snow and the cold.
It looks really pretty outside, all fresh white snow on everything (still hate it), going to venture out with Dan to run some errands and then go with him to a board meeting, pretty boring day. I hate feeling so down and depressed…..Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and I will have a better attitude.. Well for now, bye!

Sleep – yes!!!!

Sleep is a wonderful thing….I am relieved that I got thru the night without any seizures or lows…..I had gotten up several times because my stomach was upset, but I am happy to take that. I am happy that Dan got a good night sleep too…..It is amazing how the simple things like sleep are taken for granted. It is sunny and bright out, but I know it is very, very, cold out there. Did some straightening up and chores,,,change sheets, vacumed, etc….Later today meeting with Dan’s sister and her family at the mall….dropping them tickets to sports function and then going to grab something quick to eat….nothing major, my body still achy from the other day and I am still fuzzy and tired. As for my sugar, will I caught one low this morning,….while Dan went to go get the paper, I felt weird…..checked my sugar and it was a 32. Good thing is I caught it…..just hope this does not happen while we are out with his sister…..We don’t get to see them much, and Dan is really looking forward to it, I don’t want to ruin it by having a problem…..So I am going keep it real high and just deal with the headache, I want to make him happy for a change….Keep ya posted.

Another bad night

Yes, another bad night……Dan said this was bad and yet different. He said  I had problems breathing, spasming all over, sweating, but the difference was I was not responsive and was unable to walk or move. Usually, I will ramble and talk about things, but this time after falling and him picking me up and placing me on the bed. I was absolutely silent, he had to keep checking to see if I was breathing…..(he said it scared him) and he really got scared when I said could not walk or feel my legs as he was rubbing them ( he got really nervous – thought maybe I hurt something when I feel) this lasted for long time. Dan said it was different….All I know is that every nerve, muscle and bone hurts…and my head feels like it is going to explode. I had to get up real early this morning because the painters were coming to do some touch up work,,,so sleeping a little late was not an option.   I am so exhausted and hoping for a good nite sleep. Dan looks like he needs it too. If anyone upstairs is listening….please let us have a quite night and start the weekend on good start.  Have lots to do this weekend, and looking forward to watching the JET  GAME.

Seriously bad

Yesterday was truly a very bad day and extremely scary….especially for Dan. I woke in the morning feeling my usually crappy self….but had alot of things I wanted to get done around the house. When I was finished cleaning Dan said let’s go to the Mall and walk around, we have not been there in a while and we both like to window shop and people watch. So off we went. Everything was good, got a parking spot right away, and started our journey……It was really fun and while there Dan got his glasses adjusted and we look at different styles….and well that is all I can remember – all hell broke out. Dan said I started to have a hard time walking, I was stumbling, just wanting to sit…..we sat and Dan gave me to bottles of instant glucose – so that I could at least stand and walk without making a scene or hurt myself….Dan always fears that people will think he is hurting me if I get violent and resist him……We made it to the car without any problems. It was a bad low and we got it up by the time I got home. After being home for just a short time, I had another, this time I was really disoriented and having a hard time breathing…..Dan again manage to get me stable….shortly after I had another one worse than before and this time breathing was getting worse, I fell into him, was out of it and not responsive or listening to him. He got extremely scared, because I never had three- now going on 4 back to back. He immediately called my doctor. The doctor said to come into the emergency entrance of Mt Sinai…..and if I stop breathing to go to nearest hospital. Well that was not going to happen, I pleaded with him not to take me, I became very arguementive and difficult. Needless to say, after a hour – I started to come thru, and was more stable…..Thanks to Dan, I am still alive to write about it…..Dan and I have such a fear about going to the hospital around here,,,,,since my condition is so rare, other times at the hospital has almost killed me for wrong diagnose…..Anyway I was able to sleep thru-out the night….I was in such pain, exhausted, embarrassed for not being able to remember anything and being so difficult.
I woke this morning feeling so horrible….my sugars were in the 500 ‘s – great ….now I am heading for a stroke, feel like crap and can’t remember anything. I JUST CANNOT GET A BREAK…..I have literally dragged my ass around today and feel like I am in slow motion. Just want to get the day over and hope tomorrow is better. I was having a problem at dinner….was scattered in my thoughts and had to ask Dan to help me make dinner….I think he knew I had problem, but he did not make a big thing of it, he just helped me like he always does.
I just want to thank him for being the man he is, a loving and great husband…thank you for being so giving and patient with me. I love you so much.

Very Sad

The last few days have been very stressful and have made me very sad. My sugars have been all over, I have had seizures and I feel like crap my head is pounding. Besides my outer body feeling like crap my heart feels alot of pain and regret. Its a terrible feeling to find out a persons true feelings about your past,  and who you are. I wish parts of my past never existed, but it has made who I am today….I don’t think it is a bad thing….just have to look to the future and what it brings. I am lucky I have my husbands unconditional love  and he excepts me for who I am.

Another snow day

Woke to more snow, another 10 inches….I am done with the snow. Not feeling so good, real bad headache, the good thing, there were no seizures during the night, just a low when I first got up, which I was able to catch and correct. Not much to do today, really cold outside. Cleaned and did some computer work…..I have been tired all day and just feeling like crap. It was a lazy day, which I took advantage of, it was nice just hanging with Dan, my buddy. After dinner, felt another low coming on, but caught it again…..must be my lucky day. Just hope that this is it and I get a good nites sleep…..busy day tomorrow. I just want to say I am so greatful for my husband and our relationship…..we are the best of friends and I truly enjoy every minute I spend with him,,,,even if I don’t always say it……Love ya baby so much!!!! Good night